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Cyprus IVF Prices / Costs

Price Detail
IVF (ICSI) 2500Euro Ovulation induction drugs fee is not included
Embriyo Frozen 600Euro Embryo storage for the first year is included
Embryo Storage / Year 500Euro After the first year. Payayble every year
Thaw Cycle Monitoring and Embryo Transfer 1000Euro If the embryos are not transferrable, no charge is applied
IMSI (Sperm Selection) 250Euro As addition to the ICSI price
Sex Selection 4500Euro
Oocyte Donation 4500Euro
Oocyte Donation (+PGD) 6500Euro
Sperm Donation 3500Euro
Embryo Donation 6000Euro

Not: This table is only for information. Please contact with our clinic to learn specific prices for you. Minor price changes may occur.
* After the first consultation, our clinic holds the right to decline this option.

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