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How old do I have to be to be an egg donor?
Legally in North Cyprus, a donor must be between 20-32 years old. You can only apply if you are within this age group.
Do the drugs I have to take have any side effects?
The drugs usually do not have any side effects. There have been reports of swelling, pain in the groin area, and nausea. Although rarely seen, there is a possibility that the ovaries will be hyper stimulated. In cases of ovarian hyper stimulation, we usually stop treatment and postpone it to a later date. Women who are prone to hyper stimulation are eliminated during the donor screening process.
How will being an oocyte donor affect my daily activities?
When you begin treatment to increase the number of mature eggs in your ovaries, you will have to reduce sexual activity or be very careful about using condoms. You will be expected to come to the clinic 3-5 times during the treatment period for follicle measurement and adjustments in the drug dosage.
What are my chances of getting pregnant during and after the treatment?
Your chances of getting pregnant increase during the month of treatment and the following month. You will go back to normal afterwards. Because of this increased risk of pregnancy, you will have to be extra careful about using birth control. IUD is a highly recommended method of birth control.
Will donating my eggs affect my chances of pregnancy in the future?
Oocyte donation does not have a negative or positive effect on future pregnancies.
What are the complications of the egg collection procedure?
We perform the egg collection procedure under mild general anesthesia unless otherwise requested. A needle is attached to a vaginal probe and under ultrasound guidance, the needle is pushed through the vaginal wall to puncture the follicles. There is very little bleeding as a result of the needle. Although seen very rarely, there is a risk of heavy bleeding or infection. In such cases, which are very rare, surgery may be recourse.
What is the fee for oocyte donation?
In addition to the travel and other expenses which we will reimburse, you will be paid 1000-1500 as a donation fee. In the event that treatment is stopped for reasons unrelated to you, you will be paid 500 USD plus expenses. This compensation fee might change according to your genetic particulars and this will be determined during the initial interview.
Will the recipient know my identity or will I have to meet them?
According to the laws in North Cyprus, the identities of both parties must be kept confidential. You and the recipient family will be given nicknames or code names and all of your procedures will be done under those names. Only people in upper management at our clinic will know the actual names of donors and recipients. These files will be kept secure and only authorized people can access it using a password.
What kind of drugs will I be using?
Unfortunately all of the drugs are in inject able form. The injections are done with a very thin and small needle and are almost painless. Most patients can do the injections themselves with a little training. You will be given the phone number to a 24 hour helpline to contact if you have questions.
Is the egg collection procedure painful?
Yes, but because of the intravenous drugs we administer, you will be sedated and you will not remember it or feel any pain. You may have a mild discomfort in the groin area immediately after the procedure. If you do not have someone to take you home after the procedure, we may ask you to stay at the clinic for 7-8 hours to rule out any complications. People who have someone to accompany them can usually leave the clinic an hour after the procedure is finished. We recommend that you do not drive a car for 24 hours after the procedure.
How many eggs are collected normally?
The number of eggs that develop depend on the drug protocol and the response to these drugs vary from person to person. Normally the desired amount is 8-15 eggs. People whose ovarian reserve is reduced and thus produce fewer eggs are not accepted into the donation program as a donor. If more than an average number of follicles develop, the donor may cause severe discomfort and pain which is an undesirable effect. If the doctor determines that a donor will be extra sensitive to the drug protocol and produce an excessive number of eggs, he or she will cease treatment.
Will I experience bleeding and pain after the egg collection procedure?
Light bleeding and mild discomfort are expected. The pain usually goes away soon after and the patient can resume working the following day.
When can I go back to work after the procedure?
Normally we suggest that you rest 24 hours but you can resume working the day after the procedure.
When will my cycles return to normal after the treatment?
Normally patients menstruate within 15 days of the procedure. Your ovaries will return to their original size and you will feel back to normal after 1 month.
How often can I donate my eggs?
This varies from patient to patient. From a medical standpoint, a woman can donate her eggs every three months. The process of finding a suitable match with a recipient usually takes 2-3 months anyway.

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